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About Us

Our mission is to provide the products which customers want.

Located in Tsubame-Sanjo, an area famous for its metal work, our products are produced by craftsmen skilled in working with metal, wood and plastic.

Our principle product lines are designed for gardening, agriculture, snow removal, and road construction. We can also create other products utilising our network of partners in the Tsubame-Sanjo area.

Tsubame-Sanjo is well known as a region of craftsmen. We have a long history of developing specialised techniques, and a wide range of partnerships with new technologies for fulfilling your needs.

We design and distribute our original products based on the voices of our customers. We continuously test and refine our designs based on their wishes. This experience guides us to new strengths. We believe that listening to the voices of our customers and satisfying their needs is of utmost importance.





Our Best Sellers

Compact and Extremely Sharp

  • BC Serrated Sickle - 170 mm
  • Hand AX 570g/750g
  • Gardening knife series

Fashionable and Ecological


We designed fashionable products for matching to modern gardening style, and for contributing to environmental protection.

Unique and Innovative Products

  • Nukisashi Ninja - For garden stakes-

Supplying to Japan and Beyond

40,000 pcs for
20 years

We are exporting to USA, Switzerland,
France, Spain, Korea, Australia, New Caledonia,
and more.


Founder story

ASANO MOKKOUSHO was founded in 1950 in the Tsubame-Sanjo area of Niigata Prefecture (famous for its metalwork) by Teisuke Asano, the son of a farmer, after his marriage to Sakae Sasagawa, the daughter of a Tokyo manufacturer. This union of rural and metropolitan values would prove the linchpin of the new company.

All our products are based on Teisuke’s wish to make farmers’ lives easier with his tools, and Sakae’s love of nature and her desire to help others who shared this love.

The First Product : Hooks

Their first products were hooks and gaffs crafted using local metalworking techniques, and used for farming, goods distribution, and fishing. Although it was difficult make ends meet during those early days, Teisuke and Sakae thought of the people whose livelihoods depended on their tools, and dedicated themselves to rapidly producing them. Furthermore, in order to deliver products as quickly as possible, a delivery motorcycle was obtained.

This was an expensive purchase at the time. As they continued to produce tools, their attitude of hard work and quality manufacturing was understood and appreciated by the wholesalers around them, and eventually they were asked to make tools for farmers all over Japan.

Today, ASANO MOKKOSHO produces a wide variety of tools, everything from hoes and sickles for farmers to domestic gardening tools and outdoor utility knives. Although our range of products has increased dramatically, the hooks and gaffs produced at the time of our founding are still manufactured by our company with the same dedication to hard work and quality inherited from our founders.

For distribution

  • We offer patented
  • We can customize tools to
    match your requirements.
  • OEM services are

Company Profile

Company name ASANOMOKKOU-SHO co,. LTD
Managing director SADAEI ASANO
Address 2-11-23 Minami Yokkamachi Sanjo Niigata JAPAN
TEL +81 256 32 1800
FAX +81 256 33 3655
Official E-mail
Inquiry in English
Founded in February 1950
Incorporated in March 1969
Capital 10 milion yen
Number of employees 20